Fashions Unlimited

Position Description

Company Name: Fashions Unlimited

Position: Sourcing Manager

Reporting Relationship: Executive Vice President

The Sourcing Manager will provide administrative support to enhance productivity and create better efficiency in the garment factory setting. Duties include reviewing production orders, tracking delivery schedules against the production run, preparing shipments for completed goods to ship out. Printing shipping labels and invoicing clients for production.  Responsibilities require attention to detail in ordering materials needed for production, keeping inventory count to report back to clients, monitoring receiving of production components and materials. As a sourcing manager with the product development department, you will work directly with the Executive Vice President to develop new product samples, by liaising with clients to identify material demands for sourcing.

Primary Responsibilities:

Spreadsheet and Document Administration

The Sourcing Manager will have a heavy hand in cross referencing and validating information across spreadsheets as well as tracking key data throughout product development and production.

Duties include:

·         Compiling spreadsheets based on incoming and outgoing production

·         Cross referencing cut tickets to product shipments

·         Completing data entry for details of sourcing items, client costing and productyields

Client Relationship Management

The Sourcing manager will be very hands on with managing new and existing client communications. This requires maintaining knowledge of current production schedules and core production specialization.

How to Apply: Please submit your application by way of an email to Phil Spector: . Your application should include your resume and a cover letter. Please include the position name in the subject line of the email.