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Fashions Unlimited is a full-service apparel manufacturer based in Baltimore, Maryland that has been serving clientele around the world for over 40 years.

With a client list that includes some of the most recognized brand names in the business, as well as our reputation for high-quality work, we are ready to assist your company in all areas of product development and production.

We specialize in activewear, intimate, and outdoor apparel using stretch fabrics.

One of the few apparel manufacturing facilities left onshore, we are proud to say that our products are "Made in the USA."

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In the nearly four decades that Fashions Unlimited Inc. has made swimwear, lingerie, athletic wear and other apparel for brands such as Hanes, Adidas, Liz Claiborne and Diane von Furstenburg, most domestic sewing work moved offshore and Baltimore’s garment district all but disappeared.

Known for work with stretchy and woven fabrics, the company brings its clients’ visions to life. In the Wicomico Street headquarters, where new apparel lines are developed, the staff creates patterns and prototypes, selects fabrics and sews garments.
— The Baltimore Sun, 2015



We are one of the few factories left onshore in the United States and the only remaining factory from Baltimore’s original garment industry. Prospective clients and other members of the community can see our space through factory tours and consultations that happen right here in the factory. We do everything from initial meetings to product development and manufacturing here, so you know exactly where your products are being made and under what conditions. It is rare in today’s industry to have a traceable supply chain and transparent operations, but we are pleased to provide our clients and customers with this peace of mind.

Social Impact

Fashions Unlimited is proud to be a member of the LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce and to work with the International Rescue Committee (IRC), an organization that provides assistance to refugees and those displaced by political unrest or natural disaster, to provide job placement within our factory. Fashions Unlimited also helps local entrepreneurs get their business ideas off the ground, fostering a strong local art and design community. We also work with clients providing products for typically under-served markets, including transgender and African American consumers. As one of the few Baltimore manufacturing facilities, we help foster the local labor force and are looking toward the future to continue this legacy and keep manufacturing jobs in Baltimore. We recently piloted a sewing and product development school to share factory knowledge with a community of future sewers and business owners and are working on continuing this program to help develop skills and trades that have been widely lost as production has moved overseas.

Environmental Impact

As a manufacturer, a large amount of waste occurs on the cutting room floor as scraps of fabric go unused during production. We’re working to save and redistribute this fabric waste to nearby schools for use in art, extracurriculars, research project, and other educational and experimental opportunities. We reuse items around the factory such as bins to keep garment components together and transport them through the production floor, leftover fabric strips to tie tags onto bundled garments, and boxes for shipments entering and leaving the factory, to help limit operational waste and improve efficiency.

Compared to a manufacturer overseas, working with us allows clients to reduce fuel use and emissions when visiting the factory, sending samples back and forth or bringing them to our facility, and having goods shipped or picked up within the area during and after production. Many of the entrepreneurs we work with also limit waste through small batch production. Small brands are more agile than large fast-fashion companies, allowing them to offer presales and make only what is needed using the minimum amount of materials they can. By producing good-quality items, we also provide consumers with products that will last, meaning they can wear and use them for years to come instead of sending them to landfills.

Baltimore, Maryland USA