Fashionable Medicine

By: Stacy Stube

The value of fashion was once defined by the outer impressions. Today at Fashions Unlimited our eyes look to the function of how garments can improve the lives of the wearer? From a product development point of view, MEDICAL GARMENTS solve functionality needs.

We have been producing the BELLISSE medical bra for almost 20-years. Working together with the JOVIPak founder a cancer survivor, Fashions Unlimited product developed the medical compression garment to facilitate drainage of excess lymphatic fluid in the chest and breast area following breast cancer, and other chest or truncal surgeries.  

The beauty of Fashion that is garment making is in the design process. Solving medical needs through clothing is a fascinating way to appreciate the way we adorn the body. Glossy magazines tend to miss an exciting truth: that Fashion can in fact be a vehicle for positive change beyond branded 'goods'.

Bellisse Medical Bra Image Source:

Bellisse Medical Bra Image Source: